The Swills are a new independent band from Vancouver, BC Canada. They’ve been together since 2006, with very humble beginnings as a true garage band, complete with a rehearsal space in a bus depot!
They’ve made a name for themselves with their fans by putting on high-energy shows designed to make people move. They’re also known for their social conscience, both in the songs they write, and by putting on shows for various charities. To date, they have raised over $3000 for such local charities as Covenant House and The BC Prader-Willi society. Moving forward, they plan on producing and performing in at least two charity events per year.
Their first self-produced record, Travelling Thru Time, released in 2008, was well received by college and independent radio stations, and The Swills are excited to build on that success with their new record, which draws heavily from their punk rock and blues rock influences, to create a unique hard-rocking sound.

The Swills are:
Murray Nicholl (lead vocals, rhythm guitars): Murray’s voice is often compared with
Greg Keillor’s from Blue Rodeo; as well as Tom Petty’s. He’s got great range and power, with a very likeable style, and a confident stage presence.
Neel Sinha (lead guitar): The creative force behind the band, Neel never seems to run out of things to say (much to the chagrin of the rest of the band!). He cites The Clash, The Who, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine and Tom Petty as some of his influences.
John D’Andrea (bass): As one half of The Swills’ kick-ass rhythm section, JD keeps the back end solid with influences as varied as George Clinton, The Meters, Wooten, The Chilis, James Brown, The Hip, Prince, and Rage. This results in an interesting variety of grooves, from smooth and funky to flat out driving rock.
George Anjos (drums): Definitely the driving force behind the band, George’s infectious energy and rhythmic versatility keep the band (and the crowd) moving, grooving, and rocking!

The Swills second album and first studio EP was recorded at the venerated Warehouse studio, with the help of super-producer/engineer Ben Kaplan. The 6 tracks are a hard driving mixture of punk, blues, and straight ahead rock, with thought-provoking lyrical themes. And it sounds better the louder you play it!

The Future:
The Swills’ plan for world domination starts with performing extensively to promote the new album. In late spring/early summer they’ll hit the road to spread the word. They have also been writing extensively, and are close to enough material for their next album, which they plan to start recording in the fall of 2012. The Swills are extremely grateful for all the support they’ve received from the fans thus far, and can’t wait to blow them away with GodSwilling!